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Daily Moisturising Lotion


baby body Lotion

You want what's best for your baby, especially their sensitive skin, and that's understandable. That's why you need to be cautious about what you put on your baby. Your baby's skin will be well nourished and protected from the elements thanks to Brave Baby's daily baby moisturising lotion.

Special ingredients like almond oil and aloe vera are used to create this baby moisturizing cream, which work together to calm and hydrate even the most delicate skin. Your baby can use it without worry because it is free of potentially irritating ingredients like silicone, preservatives, BTH, petroleum, and parabens.

Using Brave Baby's daily baby moisturising cream has many advantages, including the fact that it protects and nourishes your baby's skin around the clock. It's meant to boost the hydration of wash-off formulas, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

Vitamin E, which is present in this lotion, has a calming effect on the skin and speeds up the healing process of cuts and scrapes by killing bacteria. The skin's natural moisture balance is restored with the help of almond oil, another great ingredient in this lotion. Coconut, which helps prevent infant skin dryness and chapping, is also included.

Brave baby daily moisturizing lotion is the best baby moisturizer you can use for your little one. It is gentle, safe, and effective in nourishing and protecting delicate skin. You can use it as a baby moisturizing cream or baby moisturizing lotion, and it's perfect for both face and body. Give your baby the care they deserve with the best baby moisturizer in India.

Natural baby moisturizing cream

Extremely gentle and supple,

with a silky texture

All-natural, untreated materials were used

milk protein


Improves the moisture of rinse-off formulas for both skin and hair. Good for the most delicate skin types.

Aleo vera


The vitamin E in it has a soothing effect, and it speeds the recovery of cuts and scrapes by destroying bacteria.



Well-known for its ability to replenish the skin's natural moisture.

Wheat germ


Heat rash, eczema, and psoriasis are all skin disorders that can be helped, as can the accompanying dryness and irritation.  



You may use it to clean, but it's also a great natural moisturizer. It protects and fortifies newborn skin in a way that's analogous to breast milk.

BraveBaby makes sure none of our products contain harmful chemicals or toxins.

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