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Things We Believe

Being a parent requires a great deal of effort, and at times it can feel like navigating a very rough road.

We at Brave Baby attempt to make this amazing trip a little smoother by listening to the needs of parents and parents-to-be. Nevertheless, we want to go beyond and promote the concept of parenting, which encompasses the larger support system of individuals who care for children in many ways. Wherever someone is caring for a child, we stay close to them.

Who We Are

We are currently present in over 150 locations and have been discovering and listening to the tales of generations of new parents for almost 10 years, something we will never stop doing. We are happy to continue to create creative goods that fulfil the modern demands of parents with the same zeal as before, but it doesn't end there. We no longer talk simply to mothers and fathers, but to all people who care for children. After all, aren't we all, in some manner, parents now?

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